The Princess of Trebizonde

The Princess of Trebizonde

Director/Designer and Translator

A new touring production for New Sussex Opera Nov/Dec 2021

The Stage "A total Knockout"  * * * * George Hall

"This was an engagingly fun evening in the theatre, with a production that brought out the zest and vigour of Offenbach's music, small scale yet full of energy        and with a terrific sense of engagement from all the performers". ( Robert Hugill)

Opera Now  "I have rarely spent three such happy hours in an Opera House ***** ( Robert Thicknesse )

Opera Magazine "A prime virtue of New Sussex Opera’s production—directed and designed by Anthony Baker and using his new but well-oiled English adaptation of the libretto was that the comedy, set pretty much in period, was played on its own nonsensical terms; it never became strenuously zany or  winked too knowingly at the audience. The dialogue, like the music, was handled with pace and style" (Yehuda Shapiro )

Photo credit: Robert Knights

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